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How I spend my evenings…..

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 29, 2008

I bought this on Ebay last night.  Stayed up late to put in my bid and see if anyone else was going to bid on it too.  I know, you’re saying…. “what the heck is that?”  But it’s really, REALLY cool knitting machine stuff.  It’s a motor drive KE-100 for knitting machines.  Below is the stand, the knitting machine is clamped to the bottom rack and the motor drives a belt that makes the handle of the carriage move with out human assistance (except where there is a pattern change, or when to hang the weights up higher, or when it needs to stop or start, or when you need to hand manipulate the stitches….. etc….)

Brother Knitting Motor Drive KE-100 Production knitting

Here’s a video on how it works,, hope thewoolendiva doesn’t mind my posting her file here.  I don’t think so because she’s in the same business as I am.  I’ve got garter carriages, but that’s a separate little cutie that does something special (it makes 2 types of stitches in the same row without a ribber) and the motors wear out after awhile, so it’s not a good use of “Gussie” to make big pieces of fabric.  also Gussie is slow, turtle-like slow.  Here’s an example of a Garter Carriage  Something done with a Gussie would take the whole day, while something made with a motor drive would take an hour.  Now you can start to see the difference.  They’re both marvels of engineering, but in their own separate ways.  I’ll have to come up with a good nickname for the motor, don’t want the motor to be jealous it’s not Gussie

Well, back to work!


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