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Holy Cow!

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 10, 2010

I’m getting lots of hits on my blog this morning!  Susan B. Anderson spoke at the Milwaukee Knitting meeting last night and was looking at some of my sock blanks after the meeting.  She said she was going to put my links in her webpage for people to look at.  SO now I’ve got to put in some photos in so people can see what she was looking at  :)

Thank you Susan! 

I think this is the yarn that caught Susan’s eye.   I’ve been trying to knit accessories for my home in the arts and crafts style, so this rose pattern was on my mind. 

I’m vending at the Madison Knit-in on March 13th and wanted to dye some flowered blanks for spring.  Cute, eh?  I’ve had lots of fun trying to paint them.  I brought a few of them to the Janesville Knit-in in February and a lovely woman snapped them all up…. so I had to make more.

forgive the camera cord!

Stop by and say hello in Ravelry,


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New Pictures

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on July 19, 2009

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’ve been knitting and dyeing up a storm trying to get some inventory together for the sheep and wool festival in Sept. The big news is that I just got back from doing a trunk show at Artisian Knitworks in Grosse Pointe Michigan. It went very well and I’m glad of the experiance. Thank you to all the people that showed up and brought our yarns. The next big news is that I’ve also been cataloging items for our new website,, so Riin and I can put it on-line this week. Can’t wait, it’s been some hard work; it’s very close to being ready. Well, enough of that dribble, Here’s some eye candy for you!

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Socks made with a circular sock machine

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 21, 2009

csm_red-purple-green-bank-socks-details1Here’s the finished socks that I made on my LeGare sock machine. I couldn’t get the colors to show up well in the photographs, the red sock has deep reds and burnt oranges in it and the blue sock had brilliant purples and golden browns in it.



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We got our new energy efficient gas furnace installed

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 20, 2009

Finally got the gas heater installed and working.  We waited until every ounce of fuel oil was used in the storage tank then called the installers.  You have to pay to have fuel oil removed and disposed of.  The oil company won’t take it back because they don’t know if it’s clean anymore, so you have to use it all up or dispose of it as a haz waste.   We decided to use it all up.  we ran out of fuel before the new one was put in so we had 2 days without heat.  Good thing the weather cooperated with our plans.  The new heater is quiet, gets us a new tax break and best of all…. it’s shiny!  Next thing up on my agenda is to dig out my work space and dye up a storm!

Here’s some sock blanks that I sent over to Artisan Knitworks last week and photos of our sweet new heater.  I’ll be teaching a dye class for Artisan Knitworks in July and these are the display blanks for the class.   Here’s their website for you to take a look, they support local fiber artists and are located in Grosse Point, MI.  :) 

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Here’s photos of a shawl I just made

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 4, 2009

Here’s a lace rectanglar shawl I just  made.

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