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We got our new energy efficient gas furnace installed

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 20, 2009

Finally got the gas heater installed and working.  We waited until every ounce of fuel oil was used in the storage tank then called the installers.  You have to pay to have fuel oil removed and disposed of.  The oil company won’t take it back because they don’t know if it’s clean anymore, so you have to use it all up or dispose of it as a haz waste.   We decided to use it all up.  we ran out of fuel before the new one was put in so we had 2 days without heat.  Good thing the weather cooperated with our plans.  The new heater is quiet, gets us a new tax break and best of all…. it’s shiny!  Next thing up on my agenda is to dig out my work space and dye up a storm!

Here’s some sock blanks that I sent over to Artisan Knitworks last week and photos of our sweet new heater.  I’ll be teaching a dye class for Artisan Knitworks in July and these are the display blanks for the class.   Here’s their website for you to take a look, they support local fiber artists and are located in Grosse Point, MI.  :) 


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New Furnace

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 2, 2009

Well, my husband and I bought a new furnace this week. We bought an energy efficient one with 2 systems, that’s right….Big Bucks. I think it also makes coffee. The old one was a huge monster from the 30’s that was converted to oil a few years later. It has the old octopus heating vents that you bump head on each and every time you go near it. We’ve got a big basement but a little tiny staircase. I don’t envy the contractor getting that thing out of there, it’s worth every shiny penny we’re paying him just for that. The house must have been built around it. It’s as big as a room and made from cast iron. We’ve spent the weekend trying to clean up the area so the contractor has some room to work on it. Unfortunately, there was lots of things to clean up. My dye studio is down there, it’s now buried under boxes, so I don’t have new yarns to post yet.  But here’s some photos of some soap I made earlier in the month.  :)  Hope you enjoy them.  Susan

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