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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 25, 2008

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Hope you all have a good holiday.


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Computers…. make excellent door stops

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 13, 2008

man-screaming-at-computer-g Ahhhhhhharghhh….. This is how I feel.  I thank the photographer for taking this photo that lets me  show you how it feels to be frustrated with your computer.  (photo from

My company sent me off a new computer this week.  It was very nice of them.  She’s a pretty thing (silver) and I’m grateful for her (very fast), but I wish I could have kept my old one.  See, I’m only working for my company until the next round of regulatory reports are out and then I’m free!  (free to try to make my business work full time, and really…. I can’t wait. )  It’s taken so long to get the new computer to the point where all of my files work with all of the updated software that I’m way behind in my work.  I’ve got to send the old one back for refurbishing, but I’m holding onto it for a bit until I know I can get into all of the work sites I need.  See, I’ve been down this road before, this is my 5th round of computer replacements.  The technology changes so fast that you have to keep replacing them so you can keep up with what the clients have.  So every 2 years or so I get a new computer and because of all of the firewalls and strict security it’s painful to switch.  So that’s where I am right now.  Still trying to get things straightened out so I can finish up my work for this week.  The good news is that this little baby is lighter to carry and my company sent out a really cool case for her. That will be nice when I have to travel for my job.

I’ll get used to her soon.  She’s got a nice keyboard, so……. springy.  Hmmmm, could just be clean.  :)

Well, I haven’t done any fiber work (because of the computer switch), so I’ll post some workshop photos I took earlier.  I’m in a knitting machine guild that wanted to see everyone’ssetup.  So, here’s where I design patterns and set up knitting machines.  I’ve also got a sewing machine area with fold out desks to make your working space bigger.  Remember this was taken a while back.  I’ve changed it around a bit.


Couldn’t put in the workshop photos I told you about.  I was looking at them and they’re too messy!  So I’m going for  entertainment value instead, here’s the goats up on top of the roof of the Norwegian resturant, Al Johnson’s up in Sister’s Bay.  Jim and I went camping up at Pennesula State Park  in Fish Creek in October.

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Treasures from Door County

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 13, 2008

We went camping up in Door County this weekend.  At Peninsula State Park near Fish Creek, WI.  The weather was beautiful.  I brought warm clothes because we thought it would be cold, but it was sooooo nice.  It must have set a record up there because it reached 80.  We’ve got a pop-up camper and like to camp several times a year, but this year has been so busy that we haven’t had the chance.


There’s an antique place near Sturgeon Bay that we like to visit on the way.  They have a great selection of furniture (the sign says $1,000,000 worth of inventory).  My big finds for the weekend was a curved writing desk (which Jim got me for my birthday) and a small, crude lithograph cup with the picture of a geisha in a blue willow pattern.  The cup isn’t that old, maybe from the 50’s but I’ve never seen a blue willow lithograph and it was inexpensive, so I picked it up. 

blue willow lithograph
blue willow lithograph

Oh yes, also found a Bavarian mug for Jim for Xmas (shhhhh).  His dad had some similar mugs so I thought he would like to have it.  It was signed by the painter and marked as Rosenthal china.  There were lots of dish blanks made in Bavaria that people then hand painted all over the place, so the china could be stamped with a maker mark, but have a different pattern on it  It’s probably 80-90 years old.  This one had a pretty berry pattern in greens and purples.  And in the time it’s taken me to write this one paragraph and take the photos, I’ve shown it to him.  I’m not good at keeping surprises and he saw me photographing it for the blog.  :\

















Nothing else is new; I’ve been busy knitting up more blanks since we got home because I promised a wonderful yarn store to have more for them mid week.  Getting together with friends tomorrow for a knit fest in West Allis, can’t wait to see them all!  Hope this post finds everyone health and happy. 



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