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It’s a fine fall day in Wisconsin

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 6, 2008

It’s freezing here!  I’m not ready for the cold weather yet, it’s not time yet.  We should still have a few more days of nice weather before winter sets in.  Time is going by too fast. 


Ok, onto fiber business.  I’ve got to finish a pattern write-up for my next class.  I’m teaching a sock class at Fiberwood Studio in Wauwatosa Monday.  At first I was going to put in an afterthought heel, but think that a short rowed heel would be better.  I’ve got the demonstrations done, I’ve got a sock ready for the heel and one done except for a Kitchener stitch closing.  All of the people should be at the same place, ready to leave waste yarn at the heel, so I’ll offer them the option for short rows instead.  That way, when they finish the top edge of ribbing they’ll be done with the sock.  Besides, the Kitchener stitch is hard to explain if you haven’t done it.  I still need to write it down on a little piece of paper to do it.  I’m really hoping that everyone has been able to work on their socks and is at the same place in the pattern.  If not, we might have to meet one more time.

What an after thought heel looks like

What an after thought heel looks like


I’m feeling guilty that I’m not getting everything done this weekend.  I’ve got to go to Janesville on Tuesday, which means I’ve got to finish a monthly air report by then.  I also teach that class on Monday, and there are lots of things to do in the yard before winter sets in.  Why did I get more bulbs?   


Maybe bulbs keep for a year, maybe they’d like being planted next spring better then this winter.  Why on earth did I get more bulbs?  Don’t worry reader…. I’m not asking for a comment, guess I’m just sending that thought out to the universe.  Glad I didn’t get that super big bag of daffodils at Steins.


good night, gentle reader.



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