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It’s a windy, blustering day out

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 7, 2008

I stare out my window as the leaves are falling to the ground.  Fall is a nice season, I think it’s my favorite time of the year because you start to bundle up in wool sweaters.  It makes me nostalgic for the times I flew kites with my girlfriend Lissa in middle school.  We had an art project at school and made a huge dragon kite.  It didn’t fly well and crashed straight off, but then we tied the string to the cheap plastic kites you could buy for a dollar….. and they soared into the sky.  :)

Here’s some of the yarns I dyed early this week.  Hope you enjoy looking. 


Green, Brown and Teal                                        Red, Orange, Gold and Brown


Greens, Blues and Brown                                      Purples and Brown




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shhhh…. I’m supposed to be working

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 21, 2008

But i knit up these cute leg warmers for some LYS recently and have to show them off.  It won’t take very long to post them, so here they are.

They are so much fun and show off the sock blanks very well.  Ok, getting back to work now!

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Green and Blue Blanks

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 17, 2008

Last night I dyed a bunch of sock blanks and fell in love with one of them.  I used several different blues and yellows to make the greens below, then added some browns as a neutral. It turned out great.  I’d love to keep it for myself, but I promised Kerri that I’d make knitting samples to include with her display….. so here’s what I’m going to do.  I wound off the blank into 2 separate balls, then rewound one of them so that the colors were reverses.  Then I’m going to use both ends of one ball to make a striped sock.  The reversed one should be a mirror image of the other sock. 


As you can see from the photo – the colors on each side of the blank are different enough to show up against each other (the two blues look like the same color in the photo, but they aren’t. the one on the end is washed out from my light source.).  Cool eh????? Can’t wait to knit it up but I don’t have time to handknit it (oh, how I wish I had more time) so I’m putting it on my Brother 965i.  That’s an electronic knitting machine with a ribber.  I’ve already started the toe and will now devide it up between the main bed and the ribber bed and knit in the round.  The toe part looks good, now I just have to hope that it transfers W.O.P. (“with out problems”).  I may do the top rib by hand, machine knit ribs are too elastic.


I was also going to work on a lacy scarf with two skeins I dyed last week.  One is hot pink with chocolate brown and the other is golden browns with a bit of green.  The yarn was dyed in skeins, so they will have a regularly spaced color change.  I’m thinking of alternating those rows with random widths, just have to work out how to hide the carry overs.  There’s a web site to generate random stripes on the internet from Kiss your shadow: it’s a nice program, but can never get the graphic to print out.  (it does print off a list of how many rows you want to knit)  I took a seminar from Iris Bishop last month and she had a simple way to make lace on a knitting machine that I wanted to experiment with.

hot pink, Brown, and golden yellow

hot pink, Brown, and golden yellow

Ok, it’s several hours later and I’m updating my post.  I tried to make a fancy sock on the machine, but dropped a stitch at the toe.  all of the shaping done on two beds is hard to correct.  The beds are very close together and it’s impossible to fit your fingers in there to manipulate the stitches.  I’m telling you this to get your sympathy.  It didn’t work out the way I wanted.  The colors,  however, are gorgous and so I just HAD to post a photo of it! 
Look at how the colors intermixed.  I knew I’d love how this blank worked up.  Now I’m planning on making leg warmers out of it, because i don’t have time to figure out the sock problem. 

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