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Socks made with a circular sock machine

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 21, 2009

csm_red-purple-green-bank-socks-details1Here’s the finished socks that I made on my LeGare sock machine. I couldn’t get the colors to show up well in the photographs, the red sock has deep reds and burnt oranges in it and the blue sock had brilliant purples and golden browns in it.




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My Circular Sock Knitting Machine

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 11, 2009

I love knitting machines. They come in all sizes and types and it is so interesting to watch them work. Ok, not to you…. but they’re interesting to me. I bought a CSM, circular sock machine, years ago. Some of the parts were missing so my husband and I have slowly found new parts for it. It’s been mostly working from the start and I’d been able to make socks on it but I wanted to make pretty socks on it using the ribber.  Well, Jim found the last piece needed to make the ribber work a few months ago! It was a funny little piece that needed to be bent to fit my machine and some friends from Madison helped me bend the little bugger.  (it was dramatic, let me tell you).  There’s lots of ways to make socks, some with a hemmed cuff, some ribbed all the way to the toe, some just plain knit, but I think I like a mix of rib and stockenet stitch.
Don’t be concerned with all the messy waste yarn, that all cleans up soon. This is how the socks look right off the machine. You crank the handle of the machine to make a circular knit then use short rows to make the heel on half of the needles, put all of the needles in work again, crank away until you get to the toe and then short row in the same direction as the heel and pull the sock off on waste yarn and WhaaaaaLa! You have a sock when you kitchner stitch up the seam at the toe. Oh…… don’t give me that “you have to seam up the sock? that’s too much work” gunk. Even when you hand knit a sock you’ve got to do something similar for the toe, it’s either kitchner stitch or a magic cast on. I did this pair in a few hours while drinking coffee and playing with the cat, how long does it take you to knit your pair of socks? This is the process for every commerical sock you buy. :)

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Hey, I made it into an Etsy Treasury!

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 5, 2009

Here’s the website for you to check out. All of the items have squares on them and the name is “Hip to be Square”. Pretty cool, eh? Thank you HeartFeltFun for including me. Below is the sock blank:


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Here’s photos of a shawl I just made

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on March 4, 2009

Here’s a lace rectanglar shawl I just  made.

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Look at my pictures and you can tell I’ve been busy

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on January 4, 2009

I wish there was some sort of machine that would stop time so you got to do all of the things you want to do during the day. Wouldn’t that be nice? everything would stop for a bit or slow down and you’d have the opportunity to do more with your day? Wishful thinking, but it still makes me smile.

I’ve spent most of this week getting ready to teach some classes on Monday and playing catch up at work. Had to design a new blank pattern using worsted weight wool (the purple socks with the diamond pattern) and then make the blanks. A friend of mine, Pat, helped me by making the sock blanks on her bulky machine. I don’t have a machine that would handle the two strands of worsted weight yarn, so Pat made them for me. Thank you dear Pat, you did such a nice job on them. Here’s a rose for you :)

Can’t believe it’s January all ready. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, full of love and family. Here’s some of the thing’s I’ve been knitting on lately:

These are socks made on a circular sock machine


This is a sock blank that I made for a X-mas present


Below are more socks.  My life is socks.  :)




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