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Song about socks

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 17, 2010

My cat, Fiona, loves her socks! Enjoy the youtube song.


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Hans and Fiona, sleeping buddies

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on July 3, 2010

This is the closest Fiona’s let Hans get to her.  She likes Hans best when he’s sleeping.


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Here’s the world’s sweetest cat

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 19, 2010

Here’s Fiona.  She just got done helping me take lots of photos of yarn for the website,  The background was set up on my desk so Fiona just plopped down and insisted that I stop and take her picture.  She thought I was working too hard and needed a break.   Fiona is a pastel tortie, american shorthair.   She likes playing with twist ties (from bread bags) and teasing dogs.   She follows me around the house making sure I take time to smell the flowers and help her tease the dog.

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Here’s my cat modeling some yarn

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 3, 2008

This makes a cute photo.  I was taking photos of my yarn to sell on-line and my cat wondered into the picture.  Here she is, the lovely Fiona:


I think I’ll put it that way into etsy.

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Please Mr. Postman and Let me introduce Fiona

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 30, 2008

Please deliver my new knitting machine motor soon.  :) I can’t wait to play with it.  It’s got a foot pedal, that part boggles my mind.  At first I was a bit worried about bidding on it on Ebay, it’s expensive, but now can’t wait until it comes.  Isn’t that funny, that once you’ve made that “Ebay decision” how you don’t worry about the price again.  It’ll help me made the sock blanks I’ve been selling and save my wrists, so it’ll become part of my business expenses.  I’ve also got grand plans for making my own felted material to make hats with.   I’d also like to make a lacy shawl with some of the yarn I’ve been dying.  I need some larger projects to show yarn stores what the yarn knits up as.  There was a Iris Bishop seminar last month, and she had a technique of dropping stitches in a lace pattern that made a spectacular pattern.   Soooooo, please come soon.  :)

Thought you’d all like to see some photos of my cat, Princess Fiona.  Below she’s helping me take photos of the stitchmarkers I made for Esty.  She likes to help me like this all of the time.  She’s very, very helpful. 


Here she is in a cubby hole near my desk.  She likes to be near and if there’s no place for her to snuggle in, then she makes a place for herself on top of my papers so I can’t work.   I had to make her this place in my bookcase so she could watch me and help whenever necessary.  

It makes her happy.  What else can you ask for in life but to be loved by a sweet cat.  Life is good.

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