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Sock Yarns


Here’s some of my hand dyed sock yarns.   They’re sold at



5 Responses to “Sock Yarns”

  1. morriganu said

    What kind of dyes do you use? Natural or chemical? A friend used to spin and dye her wool using natural ingredients like lichen. She also achieved the most beautiful turquoise by dying the wool in urine! (She got her whole family to pee in a bucket for a week!) :-)

  2. Hi Morriganu, thanks for the kind words in all of your comments. I use acid wash dyes, there are lots of colors available and they give me the intense colors I want. I’ve tried natural dyes, but they are alot messier and take up more time, so that adds to my costs when I market the wool. Also, you never know exactly what color you’ll end up with natural dyes, I mean that the color in the dye pot will look different then what the wool ends up as. That’s bad if, like me, you like to use the dyes to paint the wool.

  3. I can tell that youre a specialist at the area! Im launching an internet site soon, and your data will be terribly helpful for me personally.. several thanks for all your assist moreover as wanting all of you the success within your business.

  4. Thanks for shaking things up. Cant wait to envision them all!

  5. Kathy said

    I’m not easily imrpesesd. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

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