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Knitters are nice people

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on October 22, 2011

I saw this in a blog and thought it was a hoax, afterall……. why would penguins need sweaters; but it’s true.  So now I want to knit this penguin jumper, but I’ll have to convert the pattern for the knitting machine!  Suppose they’ll like hand dyed yarns?  This is from the ABC news  blog,  Follow the Skeinz website for the pattern at the end.

New Zealand Penguins in Need of Sweaters

rex penguin sweaters ll 111020 wblog New Zealand Penguins in Need of Sweaters(Photo credit: Toby Zerna/Newspix/Rex USA)

A yarn store in New Zealand is making an unusual request that is pulling at the heart-strings of the world—they are asking people to sew knit sweaters for penguins affected by the country’s oil spill.

The “penguin jumpers” are intended to keep the birds warm until they are well enough to be scrubbed down and to prevent them from consuming oil on their feathers while preening.

The yarn store is called Skeinz and is located in Napier, New Zealand. They posted the request along with instructions and patterns on their website and have already received a “deluge” of jumpers.

“It’s really precious and overwhelming,” the store posted on its blog along with photos of piles of penguin sweaters.

On Oct. 5, a cargo ship ran aground in New Zealand, pouring 350 tons of oil into the ocean. The accident has been regarded as the country’s worst environmental disaster in decades.

More than 1,000 sea birds have already died as a result of the spill, including birds from the country’s native blue penguin population.

Oil can be extremely harmful to penguins, whose feathers are very different from other birds. They have very dense and tiny feathers of different lengths that stick onto them like Velcro, creating a waterproof pseudo-wetsuit.

“Basically, when you get even a drop of oil on these birds, it opens up a channel so water can penetrate,” Kevin McGowan of the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology told “It’s like a hole in their wetsuit.”

McGowan said the sweaters could be the equivalent of the plastic cones sometimes put on dogs to prevent them from scratching stitches after surgery or poking at head injuries.

“When they’re wet, the cold can penetrate, especially in water,” McGowan said. “You don’t want anything to penetrate through that wetsuit armor and oil is a pretty bad thing.”

Specifications and instructions for the penguin PJ’s can be found on the Skeinz website as well as the address where penguin-loving knitters can send them.


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Chicago One of a Kind show

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on December 12, 2010

My friend, Cristel, and I went to the OOAK show at Merchandise Mart last week.  It was big and loud and crowded!  but if you’ve never gone, you’ve missed something exciting.  There were more than 600 venders, here’s the link for it:   There was lots of designers there and everything was spectacular.  I was thinking it would be a good show to vend there, but the price tag is heavy so I wanted to look at it first.   I had the perfect opportunity because a friend of a friend was a vendor there this year.   Here’s her website:  Her name is Jill and she makes really unique  garments out of recycled sweaters.  Very clever about how she constructs them, I like all the angles and colorful each piece is.

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