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Huh, Despicable Me

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on February 1, 2011

Have you seen this movie?  I LOVE it!    We watched it last night during the snow storm.   Gru is either shrinking things or freezing them; then he falls in love with 3 orphans.  :) lol   I found the title song and the lyrics on YouTube this morning.  We got hit with 15 inches of snow, so I was  humming this song while we shovled ourselves out.   Below are photos of Hans’ pen.  We had to shovel a place out for him to go outside.  I had to use a kitchen spatula to dig the around the door first so it would open, the snow had blocked the door shut.

The unicorn….. “It’s so fluffy um gonna die!” 


One Response to “Huh, Despicable Me”

  1. katie said

    yeah nice

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