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DIY electric yarn winder

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on May 8, 2009

Wahooo!  I just bought 2 sewing machine motors on Ebay to make a yarn winder for $30 each.  They both come with the pedals.  I’m “hoping” (ie praying like mad) that each one can be used to make a winder.  It all depends on if I can get 2 belts to run off of each motor.  it should be powerful enough for that.  Sewing machines have strong motors.  If it works out that we can fit 2 belts with each one, then it would use one pedal to control the speed.  It’s easy enough to wind the yarn from a blank into two cones, but it’s hard to do fast and it’s hard to do by yourself.  My PH/DH (patient and dear) usually has to hold the blank for me because it sticks a bit at the end of a row.  It would be nice to have an electric winder.  :) 

Here’s some soap I made for Mother’s Day. 

MIL soap


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