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Socks made with a circular sock machine

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on April 21, 2009

csm_red-purple-green-bank-socks-details1Here’s the finished socks that I made on my LeGare sock machine. I couldn’t get the colors to show up well in the photographs, the red sock has deep reds and burnt oranges in it and the blue sock had brilliant purples and golden browns in it.




8 Responses to “Socks made with a circular sock machine”

  1. Riin said

    Ooh! Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Riin, wait until you see them! I’m going to bring them out to Michigan for the dyeing class. :)

  3. Nancy Pratt said

    Hi Susan
    I like your blue socks. I just signed up for your classes on sock machines at the Wisconsin sheep and wool festival in Jefferson this September. Could you please tell me where I can purchase the Marvel Mystery Oil and also cone sock yarn?


  4. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for taking my class! You can pick up the oil at Walmart in the auto section and I have sock yarn on cones if you want to buy it. I get cones that are 2.2- 3.5 lbs each, it just depends what you get from the manufacturer. I’ve got superwash and non-superwash sock yarn (75%wool, 25%nylon) and also a bamboo/wool sock yarn. are you interested in that much yarn? Most of my socks end up to be 3 oz, if you got a 2.2 lb cone that would be 12 pairs of socks.

    How long have you had your machine? Have you made any socks yet?


  5. Nancy Pratt said

    I have had my machine for several years, about seven, but I have yet to make a pair of socks. I guess I am afraid to venture that far on my own. The most I have done is play with it and make a long tube and than rip it out and start over. How much is the yarn and what colors are available? I haven’t even looked my sock machine, since I moved, three years ago. I am not even sure I remember how to thread it. I need help big time,
    that’s why I signed up for all three of your sock machine classes. I want to get where I’m not afraid of the machine and start using it for more than a dust catcher.


  6. I wrote you a nice long reply and my finger hit the wrong key and it disappeared….. ahww. Ok, well, I said I’d email you with prices on the yarn and I’ve got lots of dyes so look at some of my photos to see the colors. :),,


  7. Nancy Pratt said

    I know, I am nowhere ready near to start with the fancy dyed yarns yet. Plus, I am not very adventuress in colors. I would like to purchase a cone (2.2 to 3.5 lbs size) for the sock machine class. Probably, a pretty basic yarn in the blue or brown color family, that is easy to work with. Is there any advantage to the bamboo/wool blend over the other wool/blend sock yarn? Is one type of yarn easier to use than another? Remember, I am a real beginner, sock machine user, going into your class. I would probably perfer machine wash, but not necessay machine dryable. I already have sock stretchers or drying hangers. When I hand knit socks, I usually use a wool and silk blend or what ever ‘Studio S’, outside of Delavan, Wi. suggest. I can hardly wait for your class this September, so I may finially, be able, to actually use my sock knitting machine.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    Did you get my email?

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