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2 Month Blogiversery

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on December 3, 2008

Tomorrow is my 2 Month Blog aniversery. Can’t believe I’ve gotten 350 views so far. I’m so grateful to everyone for stopping by and hope that I’ve entertained you. Please keep looking. :)

I’ve been busy getting some work done before the Holidays so I haven’t had time to post anything. I’d like to post more regularly. I took some photos of my dog, Hans, out in the snow. Yesterday I let him out and he stuck his whole face into a snow bank and came up looking like Santa with a white beard. I didn’t have a camera, so today I was prepared.

Here’s Hans playing in the snow:

Running in the yard:

and coming back with snow on his nose to check on me. Click on the photo to better see his brown/green eyes. He’s the sweetest dog in the world:

Here’s some projects that I’ve been working on but haven’t posted.
socks made with both ends of a sock blank. each sock is a reverse of the other. I’m planning on making the stripe until it gets close to the heel and then a intricate fairisle pattern around the cafe.

These socks were made from one of my patterned sock blank. They have a short rowed heel and I’ve made a cable pattern for the back cafe portion of the sock.

These are the socks I just made for my husband on my circular sock machine.


2 Responses to “2 Month Blogiversery”

  1. Simone K. said

    My dd and I are just loving Hans! He is a beauty. I love your dyed yarns and hand-painted sock blanks. I, too, have a circular sock machine, but mine isn’t working. Any suggestions on how to refurbish and get up and running? Thanks.

  2. FiberArtCafe said

    Hi Simone,

    Thanks for the kind words. sounds like you liked the yarn you bought! You bought the green yarn for a celtic pattern, right? did you finish them?

    Yes, Hans is a sweetie, he’d like you too. You should see him now, we let his hair grow out really long for the winter, he can barely see past his bangs. I’ve got to trim him down soon, when the snow is fluffy, it sticks to him and he brings in too much snow into the house.

    About your CSM, check out local knitting machine guilds in your area ( you might find someone there that has one. It’s easier to learn how to work them from someone’s who been doing it. I’ve got a couple of the old manuals (one’s in french) that helped me figure some things out, but it didn’t really click until a friend showed me how she made socks on her CSM. When I bought mine, the previous owner said she had made socks on it and that it was complete, but I couldn’t make it work. It turned out to be really, really dry and didn’t work well until I got the right oil for it and it was adjusted well. My friend learned to use her’s from a CD that someone (Roxanna Boetchle?) had made on how to clean them. They’re really picky and won’t work unless they’re adjusted to the type of yarn you’re using. Here’s a few websites to start looking for someone to repair them,, Here’s the Wi machine knitting guild, there’s some help on how to use them in their files,, I don’t know if they’ll let you join but you could try them. There may be something similar for Florida. what kind of CSM do you have?


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