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Here’s some more leg warmers

Posted by Fairy Yarnmother on November 5, 2008


Had to put this pretty picture in first, so as not to blind you with the next photo.  :)

Here’s another pair of leg warmers for you to look at.  Don’t let the colors fool you.  I’ve got to admit that I didn’t like this  yarn blank at first.  That’s the reason I picked it for a project, because I didn’t think people would buy it straight of and wanted to show them what it would do.  It didn’t dye the way I had intended, the red dyed too harsh.  Dyes are funny, different colors attach themselves to the wool differently.   Now that its knit it up….. it works!  now I like how the colors lay out together.  Well, you decide for yourself.  This is at the Knitch right now.

Here was the sock blank: 


Here the same blank knitted up as leg warmers:



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